FlipScapes is made by OmniScapes Interactive, a game company located in Karlstad in the county of Värmland, Sweden.  The game is made in Unreal Engine 5 with the focus on bringing 3D game mechanics to a pachinko pinball experience. 

Flip, bounce and roll through a Pinball universe filled with playful characters. Pick your favorite hero and immerse yourself in arcade fun!

Launch into the exciting universe of Pinball and get ready for a Pachinko fused experience filled with playful characters, ramps and bumpers. Choose between different characters and unleash their unique hero power such as time rewind and more! Aim with precision, time well and choose wisely. Flip your way through different realms, score big and experience the thrill of arcade fun. Get ready to flip out in FlipScapes!

Free Demo 

You are allowed to use parts of the soundtrack for media coverage.

To get more material such as our poster, logo, screenshots and gameplay trailer take a look at this media kit. 

The characters in FlipScapes have their own unique passive and active hero powers which adds interesting dynamics to the game